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Hi, I'm Patricia

I've been baking wedding and celebration cakes in the North East for over 30 years now. I have many loyal customers who come back year after year and have worked with so many happy couples creating and designing their perfect wedding cake. Here's a little bit more about me...

Why choose me?

I would like to think that I form a good relationship with my couples and become really involved in what they would like for their big day. I love my job and the most important aspect to me is that I create a cake that makes their day extra special.



What are the latest wedding cake trends?

The current trend is a cake table where the cake is enhanced by smaller individual sweet treats. This can include a range of macarons, cake pops, cake spheres and cookies. It’s also popular to offer these as edible favours for guests. The semi-naked cake continues to be very popular this season, especially in the rustic-themed venues.


What flavour wedding cakes do you see the most?

My clients already have an idea of what they would like, but I like to offer some inspiration during their consultation with a wide range of samples for them to taste. Popular flavours at the moment include salted caramel, cherry bakewell, and my personal favourite, white chocolate and passionfruit. 


What is my wedding cake style?

All cakes are bespoke, and I cover a range of styles that are adapted to reflect the couple's ideas. Inspiration is maybe taken from the venue and the room décor, flower choices and colours. Sometimes inspiration also comes from the bride’s dress, elements such as the lacework, shimmer and sparkle. 


How much do I charge for a wedding cake?

It's hard to put a figure out there as cakes are so bespoke. Obviously, the more layers, detail and cakes you have, the more expensive they are.

How you can save money on your wedding cake...

Couples can choose to incorporate a dummy tier within their cake in order to save money if on a budget. My clients can also choose fresh flowers as opposed to hand-crafted sugar flowers, which are very intricate and time-consuming to make and make the overall price more expensive.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver our cakes to venues all around the North East, Northumberland, and North Yorkshire. Get in touch for pricing and any special requests.

Best wedding cake...

My favourite wedding cake was for David and Katya. It was the tallest cake I’ve ever made, a whole 6 tiers plus another 40 individual sphere cakes that surrounded the main cake. I loved the challenge of making this cake, it was so tall and striking, and the sphere cakes were fun to make. They were a talking point amongst the guests and I received such amazing feedback.


About my wedding cake...

Oh well, that was a long time ago!!! 




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